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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.What kind of vehicle is suitable for Food truck?

Ans: Any vehicle can be converted into food truck. However, All goods carrying vehicles, delivery vehicles are recommended. Because A.Theses are low on price B. Empty shell and flat bed

2.How to decide food truck size?

Ans: A.Budget (As vehicle size increases, cost of vehicle & cost of customization increases.) B. No. Of people working / Menu (Considering the menu & no. of people working to cater the particular menu, size will be decided. 3 ft. Per person) C.Volume of business / Storage (If you are planning to sale large volume of food, accordingly vehicle will be decided.

3.Can I provide my own vehicle?

Ans: A.Yes, We encourage you to provide your own vehicle, because you can choose from many of the sources as per your budget and liking. B.Yor are able to get better deal from direct purchase. C.Vehicle will be directly transfere to your name and required documentation can be started.

4.Can Foodtrucker provide vehicle?

Ans : Yes, We do provide vehicle as per availability from our sources.

5. What are the services will be provided by Foodtrucker??

Ans :

1.Exterior- As per chosen size of vehicle and dimension, positioning of doors & windows, look & feel.

2. Interior:- Interior paneling , kitchen layout

3. Kitchen Equipments: As per your menu & space availability, kitchen equipments will be customized.

4.Paint & Graphics: As per brand identity & theme, graphics work will be decided.

6.License required to run Food truck??

Ans :

1. Food License FSSAI

2. Shop & Establishment Shop Act

3.  RTO- Change of body on RC book (Mobile Canteen)

4. Municipal Corporation license still not available (Rules & Regulations as per other food vending business.)

5. NOC Required.

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